How to load module helper in CodeIgniter 4?

How to load module helper in CodeIgniter 4?

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A few words on how to load a custom helper function defined in a Codeigniter 4 module.

Suppose you have a bunch of modules living in modules directory of your Codeigniter 4 project. The modules directory is registered in App/Config/Autoload.php using $psr4 property as follows:

'Modules'     => ROOTPATH. 'modules',

Or in other words, ROOTPATH . 'modules' directory is mapped to namespace Modules.

Also, let's assume that the module is called ImageUpload and it has a director called Helpers in it.

In the helpers directory there is a file called imageupload_helper.php which contains function listImages. You want to load and then use this function in some other module, like Blog module, which also lives in modules directory.

The helper imageupload can be loaded in a view of the Blog module as follows:

<?php helper(['\Modules\ImageUpload\Helpers\imageupload']); ?>

Notice, it is not just the filename, but the namespace that you need to pass to the helper().

Secondly, while loading a helper file , you omit _helper.php bit of its name (Helpers have _helper.php suffix in CodeIgniter4 as mentioned above for imageupload_helper.php).

Once the helper is loaded, listImages() is available for use in the view.

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