There is no data to update error in CodeIgniter 4

There is no data to update error in CodeIgniter 4

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Most of the time updating database table data via update method of a model for it simply works. You do it and you move on to the next thing on your list of problems to solve. However, from time to time you might get "There is no data to update" error while trying to update. I get caught out by this error fairly regularly.

Let's take a closer look at the reason why the error occurs. In short, the reason is a missing column name in $allowedFields array in your model. When you create your model for the first time, you specify columns you will be allowed to manipulate, you add, delete and update without any problem. But then, you add another column on the database table, forget to update $allowedFields in the model and when you're ready to update the column in the table, CodeIgniter tells you: "There is no data to update". The error message is a bit confusing at the first sight, but just add your new column to $allowedFields in your model and the error will stop popping out.

Here is an example of this.

Suppose, you have a table posts in the database and a model Post among your models. In the table there is a column a column called childId. The model has property $allowedFields as follows:

protected $allowedFields = [
  // "childId"

Instantiate your model somewhere in a controller and call update() on the model's instance to update childId field value.

You will get "There is no data to update" error.

Now, uncomment childId entry in the array and run update() method on the model again. No error.

In summary, "There is no data to update" error in CodeIgniter 4 is somehowe less descriptive that it should be, so not always easy to solve quick. Hopefully, this text will help you rid of and prevent from getting it in the future.

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