SWWW - a fork in the road

SWWW - a fork in the road

Created:16 Sep 2022 13:43:59 , in  Miscellaneous

As of today all the stuff related to what I do in terms of coding and web development can be found under a new address, which is swww.com.pl. What is going to happen wojnowski.net.pl then? You might ask. Well, I'am turning it into a website about my thoughts on life and its realities. Something I wanted to do a long time.

You know, once you have reached certain age you have seen enough of the world, spoken to enough people and you are no longer that worried about what others may say, you are ready to become a part of a serious discussion on serious subjects. You no longer feel you want to keep all your thoughts just for yourself. You feel a strong urge to adopt a position on often difficult topics, bring hard truths into daylight and share your conclusions. This time has come for me and I'm thrilled about embarking on this new exciting adventure.

If you are here because you are interested in web development, you are going to witness changes to the content of this website. I plan to keep all the old content available for some time, but in the future will focus on stuff I have personally developed or maintain. I want to cut down on broad web development and popular technology topics and focus on my own projects, progress, and observations related to what I do. So, in the upcoming weeks, months and years this website is going to become less of a run-of-the-mill tech blog and more of a one web developer's personal work log. What is happening here is not just a internet domain change but also a change in style.

If you interested in my content beyond web development and internet technologies, please see new wojnowski.net.pl soon. Please, be aware, articles on the new website will be in Polish language (for translations look at Google translate or similar service).

Thx for visiting today and I hope you will be back for more soon.

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