Easy way to configure child class instances in PHP

Easy way to configure child class instances in PHP

Created:02 Jan 2022 21:10:00

Here is a way of configuring an instances of a inheriting class using a configuration method in its parent class in PHP programming language. The method in the parent class is called configure.

class Produce{

  protected $price = 0.0;
  public function __construct($conf){
    $this -> configure($conf);

  public function __get($property){
    return $this -> {$property};

  protected function configure($conf){
    foreach($conf as $name => $property){
      $this -> {$name} = $property;

class Fruit extends Produce{

  protected $name = '';

  public function __construct($conf){
    $this -> configure($conf);

Now instantiate an object and configure it in a nice a clean manner:

$mango = new Fruit([
  'name' => 'Mango',
  'price' => 2.80

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